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Streamline Auto Care is a premium full service detailing company located just South of Charlotte, in downtown Waxhaw. Committed to the highest level of excellence, our mission is to provide top quality detailing services, products and customer service, which we believe separates us from the rest!

Nothing but the finest of products are used on all vehicles that come through our doors, along with the proper and precise application processes which are key to a perfect finish. Our focus on each and every vehicle is on quality, NOT quantity, and our work will show for it whether its a daily driver, classic car or high end exotic/luxury vehicle.

We pride ourselves in customer service and know that your vehicle is important to you and the appearance of your car is something to take pride in. Here at Streamline Auto Care, we strive to be the best and your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

We will go above and beyond to exceed your every expectation. In the meantime, please feel free to navigate our site for service info, supplies and to educate yourself on caring for your vehicle!

Shawn Fremin, Owner

Our Services - teal

Basic Detail
*The “Basic Detail” is for lightly dirty vehicles in need of cleaning and protection for easier maintenance.

Exterior: (3-4 Hours) Small: $120+ Medium: $140+ Large: $160+

  • Pre rinse
  • Remove bugs/road tar
  • Hand wash (2 bucket method)
  • Wheels & wheel wells cleaned/dressed
  • Blow dry & hand dry
  • Mechanical decontamination (clay bar to remove embedded contaminants)
  • Paint sealant to exterior paint, glass, and trim. (lasts up to 3 months)
  • Clean/condition exterior plastic, vinyl & rubber
  • Clean & seal jambs

Interior: (1 hour) Small: $50+ Medium: $60+ Large: $70+

  • Blow out and dust interior (vents, buttons, between seats, etc)
  • Vacuum interior
  • Wipe down dash, console and door panels
  • Streak free glass/mirrors

Package: Small- S150+ Medium- $180+ Large- $210+

Premium Detail
*The “Premium Detail” focuses on a single polishing step of the vehicle’s finish to remove light to moderate defects such as swirls, light scratches, light oxidation, existing buffer trails and slight water spotting. The interior gets extra attention to spot cleaning carpets, seats, etc. This is the best option for daily drivers or vehicles that get driven often with lightly soiled interiors!

Exterior: (6+ hours) Small: $200+ Medium: $250+ Large: $300+

  • Same as “Basic Exterior” plus:
  • Chemically decontaminate paint (iron deposit remover)
  • Single step polishing process to remove light swirls, marring, imperfections and to restore gloss and clarity. (removes 50% or more of defects)
  • Second foam wash to remove polishing dust and oils to inspect paints true finish before applying paint sealant
  • Paint sealant to exterior paint, glass, and trim. (lasts up to 6 months)
  • Seal wheels
  • Clean and polish metal and exhaust tips

Interior: (2+ hours) Small: $80 Medium: $100 Large: $120

  • Same as “Basic Interior” plus:
  • Clean/condition interior plastic, vinyl and rubber
  • Spot clean carpet, mats and upholstery
  • Streak free glass/mirrors

Package: Small: $250 Medium: $320 Large: $400

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