Sanitation Services

EPA Approved - Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect, & Protect.

Sanitize & Disinfect

Our interior car sanitation and disinfecting services provide EPA and FDA approved products to combat the human coronavirus, mold, & bacteria, etc. Many detailers offer steam cleaning and cleaning chemicals, but are not following CDC and EPA guidelines. Our background is in automotive chemical creation which sets us apart and allows us to provide a truly next-level sanitation service.

How does the sanitation work?

  • We Clean
    We clean with non harsh cleaners and steam, disinfect and sanitize with products that are EPA and FDA Approved.
  • We Disinfect
    Disinfect and sanitize with EPA registered and approved products, tools, and techniques.
  • Protect
    We protect your vehicles interior surfaces with a durable 24/7 biostatic barrier product. Our Antimicrobial Biostatic Surface Protectant product is applied with an electrostatic sprayer and bonds to the surfaces, and will continue to disinfect for weeks and even months. Our products have been proven to work and EPA-registered as well so no gimmick!