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Ceramic Coating Services

Streamline Auto Care is an auto care facility located in the heart of Waxhaw near Charlotte, North Carolina. Since 2011, we have been providing quality car care and detailing around Charlotte, NC. Nothing but the finest of products are used on all vehicles that come through our doors, along with the proper and precise application processes which are key to a perfect finish. The focus on each and every vehicle is on quality, NOT quantity, and our work will show for it whether it is a daily driver, classic car or high end exotic/luxury vehicle.

We take great pride in our work and customer service. Not only do we provide high quality auto detailing, but we also go the extra mile to ensure that each customer is satisfied with their car care services.

Our mission is to build a meaningful relationship with every customer through honesty and integrity. We specialize in preventive maintenance such as ceramic coatings, paint correction and window tinting.


How Are Ceramic Coatings Installed?

Installing a ceramic coating is an extremely tedious process. Below is a breakdown of how ceramic coatings are installed.

  • 100% Hand Car Wash
    Using PH neutral soap and a clean wash mitt and safe towel to dry.
  • Paint Decontamination
    Chemical decontamination with iron removers followed by a clay bar treatment to mechanically decontaminate the paint.
  • Labor Intensive Machine Paint Correction
    We must make your car’s paint as close to perfect as possible so that we don’t seal those defects under the coating.
  • Surface Cleansing Coating Prep
    We apply an alcohol-based cleansing solution followed by a solvent-based wax and grease remover to give the coating a proper surface to bond too. Unlike wax, coatings chemically bond to your clear coat so paint prep is very important!
  • Tedious Panel by Panel Installation
    We apply the coating panel-by-panel with an applicator and special soft towels to prevent further damage. Area’s like grills, wheels, suspension components and brakes are applied by spraying with an airbrush to ensure full coverage of all parts.


A ceramic coating bonds to your clear coat and a wax does not. A wax also diminishes with heat and chemicals ceramic coatings are chemically and UV resistant.

The installation of a ceramic coating can take anywhere from 6-15 hours depending on the condition of your vehicles paint since most of the time is spent in paint correction pre-install.

Ceramic coatings last anywhere from 2-5+ years depending on the formula you choose.

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How much does ceramic coating cost?

6 Month Ceramic Spray Sealant

$ 500 Starting

Hand Wash
Remove Bugs/Tar
2 Step Paint Decontamination
Light Polish
2 Step Paint Prep
2 Layers of Bombshell Coatings Shell Shock Ceramic Spray

2 Year Coating

$ 800 Starting

Hand Wash
Remove Bugs/Tar
2 Step Paint Decontamination
Light Polish
2 Step Paint Prep
Bombshell 2 Year Ceramic (Paint and Trim)
Bombshell Wheel Ceramic (Wheel Faces)
Bombshell Glass Ceramic

4 Year Coating

Multi-Layer System

$ 1200 Starting

Hand Wash
Remove Bugs/Tar
2 Step Paint Decontamination
Light Polish
2 Step Paint Prep
2 Layers of Bombshell 4 Year Ceramic
Bombshell Wheel Ceramic (Wheel Faces)
Bombshell Glass Ceramic



Being motorcycle & old school car lovers, we take a lot of pride in the work we do to preserve and protect them. We have extensive knowledge that few detailers have specifically related to the care and protection of motorcycles. Whether you need to clean, preserve, or protect the new look of your bike, we’ve got you covered.

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What Is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating adds new protection to your vehicle and helps maintain a smoother look with relatively little maintenance. The coating results by making vehicles more resistant to corrosion and easier to clean, at Streamline Auto Care we use Bombshell Coatings which were created and formulated by our owner Shawn. 

Advantages of Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic layer repelling water and dirt. Stop moisture and chemicals from damaging paint, dirt road surfaces, bird droppings and any contaminants. With a quick  pressure rinse, they will just slide off with ease. For longer protection car owners choose ceramic coatings over other available protection methods. The coating is essentially a sacrificial shell that defends your car from water stain grime and other things from harming the surface of the paint.

Maximizing Your Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating adheres to and bonds to automotive paint and can not be removed or re-applied easily. This process is similar to applying stain to a piece of wood. Ceramic coatings offer unparalleled protection but your car will not soon become an impenetrable barrier. You should maintain a ceramic coating with frequent brushless hand washes and drying aid during the drying process for a swirl free finish.

What ceramic coating won't do?

 Ceramic coatings offer unparalleled protection but your car will not soon become an impenetrable barrier. You should NOT wash your vehicle through an automatic car wash. It will not protect your vehicle from dents, dings, heavy scratches or from water spotting. You still need to properly wash and dry your vehicle using the rinseless or traditional hand wash methods. The wash process will be MUCH easier with a ceramic coating due to the non stick surface it leaves behind. 

Does Ceramic Coating Really Work?

Of course! A Ceramic Coating will protect your vehicle, give it that new glossy shine and repel water and dirt for many years. Protecting your paintwork, plastics and glass from the elements and ensuring UV and chemical contaminants do not cause permanent damage to your paint. The biggest benefit of a ceramic coating is the ease of washing, it saves you time and money in the long run, whilst keeping your car looking amazing with 24/7 protection.

Ceramic coating Advantages & Benefits

Ceramic coating will protect the paint from fading and from light swirl marks caused by improper washing, but it is not bulletproof! It also protects your vehicle from UV damage and stops chemical stains from adhering to the paint. Ceramic finishes also give your car glossy looks and bring out the best from your car’s original paintwork. Sometimes there are a multitude of myths and false information abound regarding the advanced protection of your vehicle. A list of some myths about ceramic coatings can be found below.

Which Is Better Nano Sealants Or Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is better than nano sealants because it bonds to the paint of your vehicle and will not wear or rub off like a nano sealant tends to – Ceramic Coatings are newer technology.

Why do car owners choose Paint Protection?

Car paint protection or car coatings are an invisible layer of clear ceramic liquid applied on the exterior parts of your vehicle, which provides UV and chemical corrosion protection. It also increases the shine and gloss levels making it look like new. Helping to avoid permanent damage from bird droppings and acid rain attacks on your cars.

What are the benefits of paint protection over waxing your car?

Waxing your car only lasts for a few weeks or months if you are lucky. Bombshell Coatings ceramic paint protection layer is semi-permanent and will stay on your vehicle for years if maintained correctly.

How it Works

Ceramic Coatings are an anti-fouling protective coating applied to the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. It is typically made from a Silica (glass) based product or coating and this type applies well to various different surfaces on either new or second hand vehicles.

Our Process

Various techniques are used for application including hand applying, spraying with a paint gun, or microfibre towel or cloth. The coating is then left to cure and dry for a few hours – it is recommended you do not wash your car for 7 days. 

Areas We Serve

Our ceramic coatings are great for all vehicle surfaces such as paint, plastic trim, rubber, wheels, glass, headlights and tail lights. We offer ceramic coating services in Waxhaw for an affordable price! But not only there!

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