How do I remove window tinting?

The time has come to remove your car’s outdated window tint. It could be aged, bubbly, scratched or discolored. This isn’t the way you want your vehicle to look! Why pay to have your vehicle tint removed when you can remove it yourself? There are various methods for removing window tint, but we found that applying heat is the most efficient and practical. It is simple and convenient to use heat. In the process, heat will also aid in the removal of the majority of the window tint glue adhesive. In this post, Streamline Auto Care offers various window tint removal suggestions.

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Reasons to remove window tinting.

You may want to get rid of your automobile window tint for various reasons, but the most common reason is that it is worn out and old. Here are some of the most common reasons to get rid of window tinting on your car:

Damages or bubbling

The most common reason for removing window film is that it has bubbles or has been damaged somehow. Over time,the film will loosen due to exposure to UV light, heat and the elements. This will cause bubbles and other damage to your window film. 


You may no longer want tinted windows for a variety of reasons. Maybe you don’t like the look of your car’s cabin because it gets too dark when you’re driving at night.


The film will discolor and look ugly after a few years, especially if you have a less expensive, lower quality window tint. The film will typically turn a blue, green, or red color as it ages, which is especially noticeable in the sun and it looks terrible!

Methods to remove window tinting

To remove the film, you can use various methods, some of which are better than others. It is up to you to decide which technique is best for you.

Finding the tinted window’s edge.

Pick at the edge of the tint with the razor blade until you can loosen a section large enough to hold with your fingertips. Starting with corners is an excellent idea. When using the razor blade, be careful not to harm the glass. Scrape at a low angle with the razor held close to the window.

Heating the tint you want to get rid of.

This method is best accomplished with a heat gun, although a good hairdryer, set to the highest heat setting would suffice. Hold your heat source about two inches away from the glass and use circular motions to provide heat. Only apply heat to the film when you’re about to remove it from the window, and don’t leave it in one spot for too long.

Slowly pull while the window tint is still being heated.

The tint should readily peel off. As the tint film is pulled away, it should also remove most of the sticky adhesive from your automobile window. If you remove the film while it is still cold, you will have a sticky residue on your window. Continue heating and peeling the tint as you move down or across your window until you can pull the entire piece of window tint free.

You can remove window tinting for yourself at home or you could bring your car to professional detailers like Streamline Auto Care, who have skilled experience in this area. Streamline Auto Care is delighted to offer top quality solutions for every budget with no hidden expenses. We can remove your window tint and we can also install a brand new, high quality tint on your vehicle. We provide Xpel Window Film that uses nano-ceramic particles and infrared blocking components to keep up to 99 percent of heat-producing infrared rays out of your car. Our car window tinting service has all the necessary equipment to do the job at an affordable price, whether you want to block out the sun, improve security or even remove your window tint, Streamline Auto Care is here to help! So contact us immediately at (980) 722-3015 or visit us at 4417 Helms Road Waxhaw, NC 28173

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