How effective is window tinting for UV protection?

How effective is window tinting for UV protection at streamline auto care in around charlotte North Carolina

We are not only affected by UV radiation when we are outside. When driving, especially on longer excursions, you’re exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Sunburn is caused by UV radiation from the sun. Spending too much time in your car can damage your skin permanently over time. Fortunately, there are measures to reduce the dangers of UV rays while driving.

Tinting is helpful for more than just UV protection. It can also provide a variety of other advantages that you may not be aware of.

In this post, Streamline Auto Care will look at how window tinting can help protect you from UV radiation, as well as sharing some other advantages that tinting can provide for your car windows.

Car Window Tinting: What Is It?

The application of a thin tinted laminate film to a vehicle’s windows is known as window tinting. Your car’s windows will become darker as a result of this operation, which has several advantages for your car. But, tinting windows isn’t a one size fits all procedure. There are numerous requirements to take into account. If you’ve ever witnessed tint bubbling on a vehicle, it’s a good indication that the tint was not of good quality.

How effective is window tinting for protection from UV rays?

You and your passengers will be protected.

UV exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation increases with each carpool, commute, and rural drive. Approximately 90% of all skin malignancies are linked to harmful UV radiation from the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends automotive window film as a UV protectant with an SPF of 1000.

UV rays are blocked by up to 99 percent.

The interior of your car is also affected by UV radiation. UV absorbing fabrics, leather, and plastics fade, change color, weaken, and break down. Our window tints for cars block up to 99 percent of harmful UV radiation.

How effective is window tinting for UV protection at streamline auto care in around charlotte North Carolina

Additional Advantages Of Window Tinting 

Aside from protecting your vehicle from UV radiation, window tinting has many more advantages than just making your car look cool. For various reasons, it’s a wise investment.


Tinting provides an extra degree of seclusion and privacy for your car. It’s easy to feel vulnerable when you’re sitting at a stoplight or trapped in rush hour traffic with someone peeking into your car. It can feel a little intrusive. Privacy is provided through window tinting.

Temperature Management

The temperature inside your vehicle can be significantly influenced by window tinting. When the sun shines directly into your automobile on those hot summer days, it can quickly turn into a sauna. It can also make your seats extremely heated, preventing you from sitting in them until they cool down. Tinting your windows can help to keep the heat out of your car. Window tint will make a significant difference in the temperature of your vehicle.


How often have we read about thieves stealing stuff from cars that individuals had purchased as gifts over the holidays? Thieves who walk up and down parking lots peeping through windows to inspect the contents of your car are highly familiar with this technique. Tinting your windows can help to prevent theft by making it difficult for criminals to see what’s inside your car, lowering the chances of your vehicle being broken into.

Window tinting at Streamline Auto Care

Tinting your car windows has a lot more advantages than just making your car looking fantastic. It can provide health benefits, greater privacy, and protection, and keep your vehicle cooler. If you’re thinking about tinting, contact us to learn more. You’ll want to be sure that everything is done correctly, and we guarantee a top notch service.

Because your car is valuable, you should seek a secure location with skilled personnel. Streamline Auto Care is now well known among customers. Our pleasant and professional staff will be happy to assist and advise you when you visit us. Please contact us at (980) 722-3015 or come to 4417 Helms Road, Waxhaw, NC 28173, if you require any information.

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