Paint Correction Done Right

Does your vehicle have those annoying swirl marks, scratches or marring?

Remember those days when your vehicle had an amazing shine and you loved riding around in it?

Have you lost touch of that “new car” feeling? If this is the case, let Streamline Auto Care be the solution to your problem.

We are your premier destination for paint correction and protection in Waxhaw, NC. The staff at Streamline Auto Care has tens of thousands of hours logged in training and experience in paint correction. Not only do we have the proper tools, techniques, and products to do the job right the first time; we are highly trained in the chemistry behind the products, vehicle paint, and surfaces that paint is applied to. There are many places out there that claim to do “paint correction”, but many are not aware of the actual science behind it or have the proper training or experience behind a polisher; which in turn can actually do more harm than good.

Lots of products out there have “fillers” in them that mask the imperfections. They will make the paint surface appear nice and glossy but after a few rain storms or washes, the scratches and issues appear again just as before.

All products and polishes we use are top quality, professional grade and put through hours upon hours of testing. They do not “fill” imperfections but actually “remove” them.

Our paint correction process is as follows:

1. We begin with a hand wash using a delicate soap that removes any previous waxes, sealants, filler glazes and polishes.

2. A 2 step decontamination process is performed to remove embedded dirt and iron particles that washing alone will not take care of.

3. The vehicle is pulled under our lighting system which consists of fluorescent, LED and halogen lights. This different lighting system shows every imperfection possible and allows for a proper evaluation of your finish.

4. This next step that many are not aware of or do not do, is checking for paint thickness with a paint thickness gauge. This tells us how much clear is presently on the vehicle and how much we have to work with on a safe level. This is critical when doing such services. If the clear is cut too thin, you will have much bigger problems down the road with clear coat failure and that is why we take extra precautions to do this step.

5. Once the prep and evaluation takes place, we then decide on an approach to take depending on your budget and the results you are after; and then begin the actual polishing process.

6. After polishing is completed and paint cleaned of all polishing oils, protection is the next step. We call this our “LSP” or “Last Step Product”. We offer a wide range of protective products from waxes and sealants, up to the ultimate and latest technology of ceramic coatings, which once applied, does not require you to wax or seal your vehicle again.

Our job does not stop there… Once these steps are completed and final inspection is checked off, we go over the vehicle with you, and educate on proper maintenance such as washing and drying, do’s and dont’s, etc. We even provide the products we use for purchasing as well and can set you up with a care kit. If you do not like doing the maintenance yourself, we also provide routine maintenance programs that can be set weekly, bi weekly, monthly or whatever you prefer.