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Full service Streamline Auto Care Ceramic Coating and Window Tint Film Installation in South Charlotte

Streamline Auto Care in South Charlotte is the destination for any car needs, offering friendly service with certified professionals. Streamline provides various services including ceramic coatings, paint correction/polishing, car window tint film and interior and exterior detailing to keep your vehicle looking like new! With years of experience in auto care, choose us for expert help that always gets the job done with quality. Whether you just want some car maintenance or are looking for a complete makeover on your vehicle, contact our team today.

“Why not make your car look brand-spankin’ fresh? We know how important a good shine can be on all those hard working driving hours away from home,” says Shawn at Streameline Auto Care. Our team will take care of you – call us today! We’re not just about auto detailing, we also provide nano-ceramic coatings and Window Tint. Our speciality? Protection for your car’s paint finish from corrosion by offering a hydrophobic surface that repels all of those nasty contaminants so you can drive worry free! At Streamline Auto Care, we want to provide you with the best protection for your car. 

Your exterior will be protected from damaging ultraviolet rays, while your interior’s plastic and leather surfaces are preserved. Once you’re covered bumper to bumper (exterior) we also want to focus on keeping the inside of your car cool with window tinting that reflects UV rays and heat away from it. No matter if it’s raining or shining Streamline Auto Care has you covered!

Streamline Auto Care is the top choice for all your auto detailing needs. We provide high quality services and products to ensure you have a clean, safe car! We make every car owner’s dream come true with our 5-star treatment options that are affordable while going above any other shop around us – this place will give YOUR vehicle it’s own personal makeover from headlight restoration or swirl mark and scratch removal.

We offer high-quality car detailing services with five star treatment for their customers by focusing on excellent product availability along with unparalleled client support. Offering every detailer’s dream at affordable prices while aiming higher than any other car shop around makes this the place to go when you’re ready for your vehicle makeover.

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Get your car protected with a Streamline ceramic coating! We have thousands of satisfied customers in South Charlotte.

Streamline Auto Care South Charlotte North Carolina

South Charlotte is one of the city’s most popular and fastest growing areas. The area boasts unmatched access to Uptown via South Road, Providence Road , Independence Boulevard Park road among many other major thoroughfares as well as affordable home prices coupled with historic communities that make it easy for you to choose from when deciding where in this wonderful part of town; whether looking value or convenience. 

The South Charlotte area is host to two of the city’s most coveted neighborhoods: SouthPark and Ballantyne. Each neighborhood offers beautiful homes, ample public space with plenty going on in each one that will make you feel at home for prospective buyers looking into moving here!

Streamline Auto Care - Ceramic Coating South Charlotte​

Streamline Auto Care is a company that specializes in premium detailing, paint correction and ceramic coatings. Our Bombshell ceramic coatings bond at the molecular level, creating a sacrificial layer above your vehicle’s paint. There’s no better solution than our Bombshell ceramic coating when it comes time for full car care services including window tinting as well under one roof – so come see us today at Streamline Auto care located near South Charlotte.

Exterior Detailing and Interior Detailing South Charlotte North Carolina​

Streamline Auto Care is a one-stop shop for all of your automotive detailing needs. Innovative solutions have made us North Carolina’s go to detailing company when they need their car detailed in Waxhaw at our facility just South of Charlotte. Many of our customers want to bring their vehicle back to life again by removing those ugly swirl marks in the paintwork and make the vehicle glossy – paint correction followed by paint protection is a very popular service here at Streamline Auto Care!

Our interior detailing services are performed without harming natural materials like leather seats or without using harsh chemicals. Instead, we use natural enzymes to remove stains and odors as well as sanitize all surfaces of your vehicles interior against bacteria, mold and other health causing problems.

Car Window Tint Film South Charlotte​​

Window tinting is a great way to protect your car from the sun’s harmful rays. Drivers in South Charlotte have been choosing this option because it not only shields them, but also gives them complete control over how dark or light they want their windows to appear by using different shades for window film. We also provide a lifetime warranty on our state legal shade film!

Streamline Auto Care in Waxhaw, South Charlotte, NC

Streamline Auto Care offers a variety of car care services, and we have over 10 years worth of experience in South Charlotte NC. With our shop, you can find everything from ceramic coatings to window tinting that will keep your vehicle looking shiny and well protected for longer than ever before! Visit us at Streamline Auto Care today!