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Full service Streamline Auto Care Ceramic Coating, Exterior Detailing, Interior Detailing and Window Tint Film Installation in Weddington, North Carolina.

Streamline Auto Care near Weddington is the destination for any car detailing needs, offering friendly service with certified professionals. Streamline provides various services including paint correction/polishing, ceramic coatings, window tinting or interior and exterior detailing to keep your vehicle looking like new!

Why not make your car like new with our auto care service? We’ve been servicing cars for years and we know exactly what to do. Whether you need a complete makeover on your vehicle or just some routine maintenance, call us now!

Streamline Auto Care has invested heavily in techniques and technologies to keep your car looking pristine while on the road. We offer a full line up of auto detailing services, as well as specialized nano-ceramic coatings. The roads we love driving down sometimes don’t love us back because they contain corrosive liquids that eat away at our paints finish. Other drivers leave behind gasoline, brake fluid, and more which end up on your vehicles exterior surfaces. Our Bombshell ceramic coating is formulated for hydrophobic properties so it can repel those compounds off your car. Your car, truck, van or SUV will be protected from damaging ultraviolet rays, while your interior’s plastic and leather surfaces are preserved as well. Once you’re covered bumper to bumper (exterior) we also want to focus on keeping the inside of your car cool with window tinting that reflects UV rays away from it. No matter if its raining or shining, Streamline Auto Care has you covered!

Streamline Auto Care is the top choice for auto detailing near Weddington. We provide high quality services and products to ensure your car looks its best!

Our company makes every detailer’s dream come true with services like high-quality car detailing and unparalleled client support. We offer these five star treatments at affordable prices while aiming higher than any other shop around us – this is the place to go when you’re ready for your vehicle makeover!

Streamline’s services include coating surfaces such as paint for protection from weather conditions that cause color fading.

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Get your car protected with a Streamline ceramic coating! We have hundreds of satisfied customers in North Carolina.

Streamline Auto Care Weddington North Carolina

Weddington is a small town in  North Carolina that’s located 15 miles southeast of Charlotte and 14 miles northwest of Monroe. Weddington has roughly 9,924 citizens as per the latest US Census data.

The Town of Weddington is an up-and-coming area for people looking to move out from bigger cities like Charlotte or even local city Monore with its great location so close to both areas and their respective job opportunities and amenities yet not too far away at all either making it easy commute but also giving you peace & quiet while still being able enjoy precious moments with your loved ones without getting rid off any benefits provided by having access living near larger cities

Streamline Auto Care - Ceramic Coating Weddington

Streamline Auto Care is the leading car protection company. Our coatings bond to surfaces at a molecular level, filling in any nano-pores and creating an impervious surface that can’t be contaminated. This means keeping your car looking new for years now isn’t only possible but easy to do! There’s no better solution than our coating when it comes to protecting paint or other materials on cars.

Streamline Auto Care is the leading ceramic coating business in North Carolina offering complete care services from paint correction/polishing to full detailing and window tinting! 

Exterior Detailing Interior Detailing Weddington North Carolina

Streamline Auto Care is a one-stop shop for all of your automotive detailing needs. Innovative solutions have made us North Carolina’s go to detailing company when they need their car detailed in Waxhaw at our facility. Many of our customers want to bring their vehicle back to life again by removing those ugly swirl marks in the paintwork and make the vehicle glossy – paint correction followed by paint protection is a very popular service here at Streamline Auto Care!

Our interior detailing services are performed without harming natural materials like leather seats or without using harsh chemicals. Instead, we use natural enzymes to remove stains and odors as well as sanitize all surfaces of your vehicles interior against bacteria, mold and other health causing problems.

Car Window Tint Film Weddington

 Car window tint film is a popular choice in North Carolina, protecting drivers from UV rays and giving them the ability to customize their car. The product also protects your privacy with the dark color, keeping prying eyes out.

Streamline Auto Care in Weddington, NC

We have over 10 years of experience at streamline auto care around Weddington NC. You can get all of your car care needs at our shop with quality that ensures you’ll have a shiny exterior for a long time. Our ceramic coating, Exterior Detailing, Interior Detailing, and window tinting are great deals this month!