What are the advantages of having your car’s windows tinted?

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Car glass does not have insulation properties, so it absorbs a lot of heat and solar radiation, seriously affecting the car interior as well as the health of the driver and passengers. Window tinting at Streamline Auto Care in Charlotte, NC, is an effective way to protect your vehicle’s privacy as well as helping to block harmful UV rays, keeping your vehicle’s interior cool. So when it comes to window tinting, what comes to mind? Read the article below to understand windows tinting better.

When it comes to Windows Tinting, what comes to mind? 

Window tinting is a thin film that is applied on the interior of glass surfaces in automobiles, boats, residences, and buildings. Polyester is commonly used because of its transparency, durability, and stability.

What are the benefits of tinting your car’s windows?

Reduce heat.

Heat from the sun can make the car interior hot and prone to peeling and damage. Window tinting is a genuine solution to this problem. Because the heat resistance of the window film is so strong, it minimizes the quantity of heat passing through the window. Depending on the type of film, the ability to resist heat is different, but commonly used insulation films usually insulate from 50% to 90%.

Block UV rays.

Conventional automotive glass cannot filter ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) in the sunshine. As a result, installing vehicle window tint reduces the damaging effects of UV radiation on the skin and eyes. Window tinting is made up of numerous layers in order to prevent UV radiation effectively.

Protect your privacy.

With dark colored insulating films, outsiders can’t see the inside of the car, but the occupants can still see the outside. Thanks to this feature, your privacy will be hugely increased, creating a feeling of comfort and safety for the car’s occupants. In addition, this will help to prevent theft and crime because thieves will not be able to see the assets inside your vehicle.

Reduce glare, improve eyesight.

When the sun shines directly on the car’s windshield or when driving at night, the headlights from other cars can cause glare and obstruct your vision. Blinding light is one of the main distractions while driving, and if it is severe enough, it can result in an accident.

Window tinting can significantly reduce glare to help to protect your eyes, improve visibility and ensure a safer driving experience. 

How much time does it take a professional to tint a car?

Each window takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. This time includes the time spent removing and reapplying the prior tint for each window. If the vehicle has previously been prepared, the complete process should take around a half day. If not, this will add 30 minutes to the overall duration. 

What is the finest brand of automobile tinting service?

When it comes to window films, you get what you pay for: less expensive tints are transparent films that fade or bubble quickly. Acrylics, rather than PVC, are used to cast the more costly products. An extra cast must be applied over the film to protect acrylic window tinting from scratches or bubbles. These films are thicker, have a greater heat rejection rate, and look far superior to the less expensive transparent films.

car applied window tinting streamline auto care waxhaw nc

Because automobile window films are frequently employed to improve the appearance of a vehicle, many individuals choose dark or black films. The black window tint makes it appear as if the window is not present at all. This effect has become very popular among automotive fans, particularly those who drive dark-colored vehicles.

What should I look out for after bonding the window tint?

  • After applying window tint to the automobile, it is advised that you wait 48 hours before lowering the glass to allow the film to attach to the glass surface. 
  • To minimize scratching and blocking the vision of others in the automobile, avoid using sharp items or high impact on the film surface.
  • Glass cleaner should not be used for seven days after the automobile windows have been tinted. Cleaning the car’s glass must also be done with caution since powerful chemicals will rip off the film even if it has adhered firmly from the start.

In Charlotte, NC, where can you find the best professional window tinting service?

Streamline Auto Care provides high quality window tinting for automobiles. We utilize optimum quality film to keep your car looking its best, while also offering privacy and protection from dangerous UV radiation.

Streamline Auto Care in Charlotte, NC, is proud to be one of the top detailing centers in town. With many years of expertise, we are convinced that we will provide you with the best possible experience when using our services. 

The knowledgeable and friendly team at Streamline Auto Care is always available to answer any questions you may have about our services. Get in touch with us today via (980) 300-6279 or info@streamlineautocare.com to make an appointment. 

You can also come to 4417 Helms Road, Waxhaw, NC 28173 to meet us in person!

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