What is auto detailing? 


A nice car is an investment worth protecting. To keep your trip both beautiful and valuable, it is imperative that you receive regular detailed treatments from knowledgeable professional detailing services like those at Streamline. So what does auto detailing include? 

Car detailing vs Car wash

Car wash is an easy way to keep your car looking new. It removes dirt and grime from exterior surfaces without the need for time or invasive measures that can ruin a paint job! But what about when you do a deep clean? That’s when you need car detailing.

The interior and exterior of a car can be detailed in a way tailored to each client’s needs. Auto detailing professionals spend time getting into all nooks and crannies missed by washes, providing more specific cleaning for your vehicle than most people realize they need until it’s too late! Auto-detailing also includes protecting against future wear with waxes sealants or other products, this helps ensure years worth of protection at an affordable price point.

What services are included in car detailing?

Those who want their car to look new would probably find a professional, helpful detailer. A good one will clean the outside and inside and use high quality products that make it shine beautifully without leaving any residue behind.

A professional detailer will invest time in your car, from deep cleaning to minor repairs. Some typical services include:


Exterior wash and dry.

The detailer will wash and dry your car by hand. They’ll spray on the specialized products to get rid of nasties that could be lurking anywhere from rims, door handles, or even inside glass windows!

Paint Claying

Clay bars are an essential part of any detailing process. After your car has been cleaned, they can be used to remove contaminants like overspray and residue that may have stuck in between panels after washing. This will help give you better results with waxing or polishing!


Scrubbing away at the car’s paint to make minor scratches and swirls disappear is polishing. The buffing compound helps remove layers of clear coat, leaving only a flawless, high quality surface for you!

Sealing or Waxing

By applying sealant or wax, you can protect your car’s paint from getting chipped and give it a shiny look.

Our team of detail specialists will help you keep your car looking pristine with various exterior services, such as cleaning, washing, paint correcting and engine cleaning. If you need more advice from us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


The car is vacuumed to remove any clutter that may have accumulated. The seats, carpets, and mats are cleaned with a specialized machine before being sanitized for everything inside your vehicle to be fully maintained!

Scrubbing and Brushing

This step is to remove stains on floor carpets and mats.

Steam Cleaning

If you want to get your carpets fresh again, then steam cleaning is the way forward. It’s more effective than ordinary methods like shampooing or scrubbing and can even remove tough stains!

Glass Cleaning

The glass cleaner ensures that your view is not obstructed, and the sparkling cleanliness will keep you safe on the road.

Leather Cleaning

Leather cleaners and soaps are used to clean any stains from your vehicle’s seats.

Air Freshener

Some detailers like to spray air deodorizer inside the car, leaving it smelling clean and new.

Benefits of having your car detailed

  • Detailing is a great way to extend the lifespan of your car’s paint. It can also help it depreciate at a lower rate if you have maintained it over the years.
  • The exterior of your car is probably the first thing people notice when they see you, so it’s essential to maintain its appearance. Auto Detailing will bring the perfect look to your car, helping you to assert your position in work and society.
  • The detailing process ensures that your engine runs more relaxed, making for an enjoyable drive. It cleans the car of all sorts of dirt and leaves it looking like new!
  • Car detailing is a great way to extend the resale value of your car. The experts know what will appeal most to customers and give any vehicle an excellent look that would make them more desirable on today’s market this means higher profits at the sale!

Why does your vehicle need detailing services?

It would help to get your car detailed regularly to keep it looking nice. Your auto detailing service provider will do everything they can so that you never have an issue with weathering, scratches, or other damages outside this precious vehicle type and even help protect against wear and tear from daily use!

Streamline auto care in Charlotte, NC, is a professional auto detailing business that creates a safe and clean environment for your car by doing various tasks such as washing it or enhancing its looks. They also make sure to keep its exterior looking sharp at all times with regular maintenance plans that suit your needs!

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