What is exterior detailing?


Almost everyone cherishes their cars and motorcycles, they are costly, and we want to maintain them clean and in good condition. We buy cars to provide us with a certain level of luxury and comfort, and we demand nothing less than perfection from them.

Auto detailing services are the best option for having a clean, shiny, and well maintained vehicle when keeping our cars in the best condition possible. This blog will tell us what detailing service is, especially exterior detailing and how it works!

What does Auto Detailing mean?

Professional car detailing is the artwork of cleaning and rebuilding a vehicle to like new condition. Car detailing is far more accurate and time consuming than having your car washed. A car wash is typically an automated system through which a vehicle is cleaned outside. Professional auto detailing is done manually and contains exterior and interior services.

What is exterior detailing?

It entails restoring, and exceeding the original condition of a vehicle’s exterior elements, such as tires, windows, and wheels, among other visible components. Polishes, wax, detergents, and degreasers are examples of products.

Exterior detailing consist of:

  • Cleaning the body, wheels, tires, and windows of a car.
  • Utilizing clay bars to remove debris and toughness.
  • Applying a sealant to protect the paint.
  • Polishing the exterior to remove or reduce surface scratches.

The sealant can preserve the vehicle from sunlight and water, dirt, and tar, among other things.

Other procedures may include:

  • Extracting tar and bug splatter.
  • Detailing the engine.
  • Polishing headlights.
  • Cleaning of all glass inside and out.
  • Cleaning the wheels and tires of the vehicle.

What do car detailers do?

Exterior car detailing is more than just a quick wash of a car’s external components. A good car detailer will polish the car, minimize surface scratches, and always apply a shielding paint sealant.

Hand Washing And Drying

Our professional detailers apply a soapy shampoo, thorough hand wash expertly and gently. We use cutting edge products and microfiber towels to preserve your paintwork at all stages of this deep clean.

Waxing And Buffing

We will gently (but firmly) apply a generous layer of our high quality, showroom grade wax or coating to your base coat and buff it to a high gloss.

Clay Bar Treatment 

Clay bar is one of the most sophisticated detailing treatments available. The clay bar treatment removes microscopic particles from your vehicle’s paintwork, restricting it from accomplishing a super glossy shine.

Wheel Cleaning And Polishing 

Each wheel is thoroughly washed (using soft, nonabrasive sponges), then hand dried with a microfiber towel and polished to a brilliant shine.

Tire / Plastic Dressing

Our advanced formula will restore the black to your tires and exterior plastics, making a significant impact on the entire appearance of your vehicle.

Degreasing and Debugging

We will remove any greasy grime and deeply embedded bugs from your vehicle, leaving it spotless.

Seal Cleaning

We are confident that every detail of your car has been recovered to its former glory, including the door and trunk seals, which will look brand new.

Engine Wash

Our modern engine wash will turn your engine bay from a beast to a work of art.

Why is Exterior Detailing important?

Few car owners fully comprehend the significance of routine Exterior detailing and maintenance. The critical thing to remember is that your car is constantly subjected to damaging elements such as dirt, rocks, wind and rain, scratches from grocery carts, door dings. Auto detailing protects your vehicle from all of these hazards and more.


Avoid Future Rust

Sunlight, dust, rocks, rain, and other outdoor elements will naturally deteriorate the Exterior of your vehicle. You can avoid premature corrosion by strengthening the protective layers on your car with Exterior detailing services such as paint correction. By applying new sealants, your vehicle will be able to withstand road debris and harsh weather conditions while retaining its original shine and flawless appearance.

Preserve the paint job

Your vehicle’s paint job will begin to fade over time, whether from bugs, rock chips, or rain. That is why investing in Exterior detailing services from professional auto detailers. Exterior detailing services will strengthen the protective coating on the surface of your vehicle and maintain the paint job looking as good as new.

Protect your car’s resale value

Because your vehicle has been protected from weather and outdoor contaminants for years, exterior auto detailing will save its resale value. The protective shield used during external detailing ensures that your car stays in pristine condition. Your vehicle will hardly see any damage for up to ten years at a time, whereas other cars on the market are constantly being damaged by daily wear and tear.

How much does Exterior detailing cost?

The Exterior Detailing package is intended for vehicles requiring additional finish attention. It is highly recommended for new cars whose finishes have not been sealed or waxed. Our Exterior Detailing service includes hand washing your vehicle with premium automotive soaps and spot free water, as well as microfiber wash mitts. After that, we apply a high quality polymer paint sealant by hand. Depending on your maintenance routine, it will last for six months. The rims are then cleaned and shined, and tire shine is applied.

A basic Auto Exterior Detailing service should include washing, waxing, interior vacuuming, window washing, mirror/trim cleaning, and tire cleaning. Pricing for average sized cars ranges from $100 to $150.

Our services are accomplished by experts who can add that extra touch of service. We have the strength to deal with any problem, whether it’s water spots, swirl marks, scratch removal, tar removal, or a heavy stain. When choosing an Auto Detailing Service, you can be confident that the team at Streamline Auto Care will cure your vehicle with compassion and dignity. Our Auto Detailing Services provide the best experience for car owners and the highest resale value for your car!

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